Answering both the right to household for all and the specific requirements of large scale production


A scalable solution combining quality & affordability

We recognise the importance of both environmental priorities and the right to affordable housing for all. Sustainable development and access to essential resources go hand in hand.

We pride ourselves on offering a truly unique quality-price ratio that sets us apart


With Serena Essential, we combine quality & affordability, without compromising on style. Experience a unique balance of performance and affordability.


Our constant focus on quality, innovation & ecology, has allowed us to create a unique network of trusted partners to answer the specific requirements of projects such as glampings, campings, start-ups, corporate & public institutions, boutique hotels…


We are prone supporters of the DIY movement and the possibility for everyone to build their own Tiny Houses. We provide all of the necessary support & tools to build your own tiny house

Prefer an exclusive, custom-designed Tiny House that reflects your personality?

Immerse yourself in a world where each «Serena Exclusive» home is meticulously handcrafted. A personalized experience of sophisticated craftsmanship

Serena Essential: Smartly designed models

Discover some of our most sought-after models.
If you want to learn more about how we can help you in your Tiny House journey


Designed for full-time living in mind, the Penates went through numerous variations & was extensively tested overall several years, including in its fully off-grid configuration. Our optimised interior designs can be configured for full-time living for a small family or for hosting up to 6 people during a vacations period.
  • .6M X 2,5M X4M
  • 4 people (+ convertible sofa)
  • Year-round housing / Family tourism
  • From 49.327€ (turn-key - excl. taxes)


Specifically designed for romantic escapes & providing exclusive getaway experiences. If you are looking for a unique boutique hotel room or a pod to escape too whenever you want, the Getaway model is your format of choice
  • .6,5M X 2,5M X 3,5M
  • 2 people (4 people optional)
  • WE getaway / Experiential tourism
  • From 43.281€ (turn-key - excl. taxes)

Getaway +

If you are looking for a Tiny House designed to comfortably host a guest couple or if you want a place to escape to for mid/long term periods, the Getaway+ model is your Tiny House of choice.
  • .6M X 2,5M X 4M
  • 2 people (+ convertible sofa)
  • Year-round housing / WE getaway
  • From 46.148€ (turn-key - excl. taxes)


Need additional living space but without endless groundwork? The Mini Tiny House is the perfect addition to your home. Office, guest room, music studio, children’s playroom…. the Mini adapts to your needs and grows with you.
  • .4M X 2,5M X 3,2M
  • Convertible sofa or double bed
  • Activity pod / remote working / guest-room
  • From 24.793€ (excl. taxes)