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“Chamade”: a Tiny House in the middle of the vineyards 45 minutes from Toulouse.

After months of waiting, Serena.House is excited to present her latest creation: the Tiny House “Chamade”.
Serena.House is a builder of mobile and ecological houses based in the Catalan Country that offers eco-responsible experiences in collaboration with local producers since 2017. Through renewable energies and healthy natural materials, eco-habitats offer a comfort in a modern life with the vision of a respectful society.

A family land …

Three generations have worked and cared for the lands of Château Boujac with passion. The adventure began in the 1930s when Adrien discovered the village of Campsas and decided to buy a farm in a place called Boujac. Then it was Albert and his family who settled there in the seventies and finally Philippe in 1988. Today, the estate has more than 30 hectares of vineyards and 2 hectares of olive trees. The knowledge gained over the decades is perpetuated today by Michelle and Philippe.

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A meaningful alliance

Respectful with the land they were entrusted with, it was in 2008 that they undertook to transform and update their lands, in accordance with a modern and respectful vision of our planet, through organic farming. The vineyard has been ecologically certified for over 10 years. Working with respect and harmony on the lands of their ancestors, Michelle and Philippe had to reinvent their wine-growing and winemaking practices.

After three years of training and large-scale testing, they were able to observe the positive impacts on their own plots. From now on, a new adventure awaits them: biodynamics.

A taste experience linked to the territory:

Fronton is especially known for its red wines, with aromas of peonies, blackberries, pepper, licorice and a velvety structure, provided by a variety of grapes as original as rare: the Negrette.

Gourmet breakfast, picnic and slate tapas will not disappoint guests of “Chamade”. Eager to preserve and promote the riches of the land, Michelle and Philippe offer you a wide variety of local gastronomic products, to the delight of lovers of good food.

Seasonal fruits, pâtés, sausages and cheeses are accompanied by a bottle of farm wine, black, white or pink. You can also stroll through the vineyards of Château Boujac, visit the wineries and, of course, try the wines of the estate.

Slow tourism is born: an eco-responsible stay

The Tiny Houses are handmade in the Catalan Country. Serena.House has developed a supplier ecosystem that favors short circuits.

With a minimal impact on its environment, the Tiny House “Chamade” does not generate waste.

Nature lovers and concerned about ecological problems, Serena.House and Château Boujac want to offer a different experience into nature, which allows its guests a total disconnection from daily stress while enhancing the wealth of the neighboring French regions.

The Tiny House “Chamade” can be rented all year to Serena.House.

Chateau Boujac
427 Chemin de Boujac,
82370 Campsas,

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