Full video of this Spanish Tiny House by the Youtube channel “Living Big in a Tiny House” at the end of this page.
When Anne approached us regarding her project of building a DIY Tiny House in Spain, in her region of Galicia, we couldn’t have been happier to help her in this journey.
Anne wanted to create a peaceful retreat on her property, not with one but with two Tiny Houses!

Thanks to the use of our Twist & Lock model and our DIY packages, we were able to accompany her and her carpenter on the journey of building a Tiny House at her property, while we were building another Tiny House, the “Petit tresor” Tiny House, to be delivered at her property, right at the end of her DIY build. With the particularity of using only one trailer for two Tiny Houses.

Regarding the DIY part of the project, we were able to mix our expertise with the local resources she had at her disposal. While Anne used local Atlantic Ceddar for the interior cover of her Tiny House, we sent her everything she needed in terms of windows, natural isolation, humidity regulations materials, and way more, such as detailed plans and video support during the construction.

In terms of design, the brief was to create a Tiny House accessible for those with a disability, including wheelchair users. Our design teams used her requirements for creating a truly unique space, based on our popular Getaway model, rethinking the entire space for being as usable as possible for any kind of users.

In this video published on the popular “Living Big in a Tiny House” Youtube channel, you will learn more about Anne’s journey and this truly unique project in Spain!

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